December of 2018

Book Drive

The Brunch is over and the books are counted, the clothes are on hangers! THANK YOU for making the start of our first project a success.  We collected 189 books and  clothes are getting handed out. We appreciate your support!

Hoodies for Students

We had a Winter Clothes Drive, chaired by Kaye Salas, asking specifically for hoodies that could be passed out to MHS students in need.  It was great to see so many alumni contribute to this project! Thank you!

December of 2019

Cookies for Staff

As a Christmas surprise, the committee members baked and donated cookies for all faculty and staff at all Miami Schools.   Each staff member went home with a delicious selection of Christmas treats!


Because of the generosity of many alumni members, we were able to surprise each MHS teacher with $50.00 to use for their classroom.  Your contributions were extremely appreciated!

Alumni Donations

We are very proud of our alumni!  Because of our members' generosity, the association donated over $5000.00 to the Principal's Student Support Services account.  This money is to help students in various ways, including field trips and other academic needs.  

A special thank you to the Dougherty Foundation for their financial help in doubling the contributions collected. 


December 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Small Town Christmas - 2023



Another successful project for the Alumni Association!  We helped the Town of Miami by donating gifts for the children of our hometown. This project has been a part of our charitable events for three years and counting.   Thank you, vandals, for your kindness and generosity! And a special thank you to Christine Castaneda Duarte and the entire Town of Miami for letting us be a part of this special event!

Yearbooks for Seniors - 2021, 2022, 2023

For the past two years, our association members have donated money to help pay ,for a yearbook for each senior at Miami High School.  Such memories will be cherished by each and every student as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.